May 19, 2024

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Democrats and boring progressives

Democrats and boring progressives

Tuesday evening, as part of the program CNN Tonight, Democratic strategist Paul Begala launched a heartfelt attack on some Democratic voters. He used a clear phrase to describe progressive whites in some states:The pain of liberals“.

Begala, a seasoned veteran, laments the overwhelming influence of these progressives within the Democratic Party.

The Tulsi Gabbard Mystery

The former Hawaii representative and Joe Biden’s opponent in the last Democratic primary announced over the weekend that he was leaving the party. He explained his decision on Twitter: “I can no longer stand for today’s Democratic Party fully controlled by a master gang of warmongers fueled by a cowardly awareness of race, fueling white racism and dividing us. . . .”

I always wondered what Gabbard was doing with the Democrats. Controversial and often at odds with his party, he often found himself on Fox News replacing Tucker Carlson in August.

If I’m not surprised he left, the fact is that Democrats are already so divided that the words used can hurt.

Democracy riots in Los Angeles

Although Gabbard is keenly mindful of the influence he has had over elected Democrats, Republicans have not failed to exploit it, with the Los Angeles City Council at the center of a controversy that has forced President Biden’s intervention.

Overcoming racism in America’s most racially diverse city takes confidence and skill. Already a great job, Democrats, presented as champions of the cause, would be an achievement if they themselves make racist remarks!

The city council president and two councilors used derogatory terms to refer to a colleague’s black stepson (little monkey) or a young immigrant from southern Mexico (Small short dark people) exchanges were recorded and later broadcast on Reddit.

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With the mayoral election looming and what promises to be a fierce battle between Democrats and Republicans, the president intervened and demanded the resignation of three elected officials involved.

We often talk about Donald Trump’s grip on the Republican Party and the conflict between his supporters, MAGAs, and more centrists, but the challenge for Democratic strategists should not be underestimated.

On the one hand, if progressives are forced to rally and win over moderate constituencies, it cannot be denied that the race problem is still looming large.

Party officials must hope that voters will notice what White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre points out: “If a Democrat says something racist or anti-Semitic, we hold Democrats accountable. When a MAGA Republican says something is racist or bigoted, they are embraced by a cheering crowd.Racism is condemned, at least among Democrats…