June 16, 2024

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Diablo IV shop prices for armor, mounts, and more are bonkers

Diablo IV shop prices for armor, mounts, and more are bonkers

Diablo IVMicrotransactions won’t affect gameplay but will cost you a lot. Our first look at the dungeon crawler’s cosmetic shop shows special mounts for as low as $15, while shields for classes like necromancers are going for $25.

Some of these prices It was previously leaked on Redditand now this Diablo IV He lives In the early access period for these With the deluxe versionWe are able to verify that current item prices in the microtransaction store range from unsurprising to ridiculously high. At the low end are things like Death’s Burden Mount Armor, which is 800 platinum, the game’s premium currency. The cheapest armor sets are around 1200 platinum, while at the high end there are things like the Wraith Lord set, which require 2800 platinum.

Much like the live service’s games, the conversion from real-world dollars to platinum isn’t exactly one-to-one. So a set of 800 platinum armor requires you to buy 1000 platinum for $10. Perhaps you feel that this may bother some players, $25 will get you an extra “free” 300 platinum, which will give you exactly 2800, or the amount needed for a Wraith Lord collection.

Screenshot showing the Three-Fold Nightmare horse armor in the Diablo IV store.

screenshot: Blizzard / Kotaku

Combined, the most expensive armor and armor sets will set you back over 50 percent of the game’s price, which is $70. To purchase everything currently included in the store at launch, you’ll need just over 40,000 platinum, or about $350. When games usually charge an arm and a leg for a handful of shiny cosmetics, that’s because of it Free game like Monitoring 2. Diablo IV He doesn’t have that excuse.

Even in Blizzard’s hero shooter, the new costume packs are close to $20 a pop. in Fortnite You can get away with just spending $10-15 for each additional costume, which in and of itself seemed high when the battle royale first exploded. Destiny 2perhaps the closest comparison to it He charges full price for new expansions, max about $20-25. This is not made Diablo IV It’s a massive extractor, but it’s definitely pushing the boundaries of inflation in the cosmetics market.

It was a microtransaction Once a very controversial feature. It is now as common in online multiplayer games as a child throwing something inappropriate in live chat. However, it can be kind of fun to see great things in the game locked behind the pricing structures they seem to be targeting. Rotten whales.

Games are expensive, and the budget demands are getting ridiculous. It might be easier to understand certain game monetization models if it felt like all that money was going directly into the pockets of the developers who made them. With companies like Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts Promoting record revenue of microtransactions and payment Huge stock bonuses to their executives while also Layoffs or Their denial is liftedIt’s hard to feel that this is the case.

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