April 18, 2024

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Diddy watches Kanye West at Rolling Loud after White Lives Matter Beef

Diddy watches Kanye West at Rolling Loud after White Lives Matter Beef


Supporting Kanye at Rolling Loud…

Wrapped in beef “WLM”???

Didi And Kanye West They haven't been on good terms for a while… but, now it looks like they might be mending their relationship – because Diddy pulled up to Kanye's Rolling Loud set!

the background

The rapper/producer made a rare public appearance Thursday at the show in Los Angeles and entered KW's performance alongside his twin daughters. Jesse And Delilah Combs.

Watch the video… Diddy brought his entire crew to the set — he always rolls deep — and seemed to pull off as much as Ye's and Ty Dolla $ignThe song “Keys To My Life” plays over the speakers.

Diddy and his son watch Ye perform at Rolling Loud 💀 pic.twitter.com/bLUvO9HvGM

– Hey Fandom (@YeFandom) March 15, 2024

And Diddy made the evening an entire family affair… because he was also spotted in the back/side stage area with his son Justin While watching the controversial performance.

The show definitely pissed people off… because instead of performing live, Kanye and Tay stood on stage and just played recordings of their songs – leaving a lot of fans disappointed.

It's not clear how Diddy felt about the show… or whether he and Ye sat down for a conversation — because they have to clear the air about the beef that's going viral in 2022.

Remember, Puffy sat down for an interview on “The Breakfast Club” where he called Kanye hella Controversial “White Lives Matter” T-shirts “Tone Deaf” again in 2022.

Well, Kanye didn't like that, and he's in the end Some private messages were shared Between him and Didi – including where he accused Didi of being sent by the Jewish people to threaten him.

Diddy wanted to meet him in person…but Kanye called him a federal agent and gave him a big cuss for good measure.

The whole thing was pretty messed up… and it seemed like the two hadn't reconciled – at least not publicly. But now with Puffy on the show, you have to wonder if some words were said backstage.

So will the two officially bury the hatchet…or do Diddy's kids really want to see Yee? Vote below!

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