July 23, 2024

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Don Lemon Says Goodbye To CNN Primetime With An Emotional Goodbye Before The Morning Show Debuts – Deadline

Don Lemon Says Goodbye To CNN Primetime With An Emotional Goodbye Before The Morning Show Debuts – Deadline

without lemon Bid farewell to the peak show day CNN After more than eight years of hosting Without lemon tonight. The TV presenter became emotional during his farewell, recalling all the ups and downs he experienced during his time on the show.

“This is not a farewell but definitely the end of an era as we sign this latest broadcast of Without lemon tonightHe said in the video posted above. “Over eight years, thousands of hours of live TV, historical moments and difficult conversations. A lot happened between ten and midnight, or after that.”

lemon Leave peak space to host a new morning show on Cable News Network. He will be joined by host Bobby Harlow and Kaitlan Collins on a revamped morning show that will replace him New Day.

“This is the final Without lemon tonight. “It’s a sweet and bitter moment for me, but it wouldn’t be a sad moment, and I wouldn’t grieve for it,” he said after montage of moments from the show’s history. “I’m going to miss working with all the great people who really work their butts off every single day to get this show on air. So tonight, this isn’t about me, this is about you guys who are in the control room and in this studio. This is about you.”

Lemon said he was “grateful” to his crew who worked long, long hours to put on a show while missing out on milestones and moments with their families. The news anchor recalled a moment after his sister’s death when his crew came together to help him get through tough times.

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The CNN star also admitted that he “wasn’t always perfect, because no one is perfect,” adding, “There’s a tremendous pressure that comes with this job, and in particular, this 10pm time period, when people sleep. So sometimes, All I can do, I’ll be honest with you, is just smile and start the commercial break sometimes.”

“Sometimes it has been stressful because some of the things we are discussing here are very personal and very stressful. So I hope I can be proud of you, thank you for tuning in all these years, and I hope you join me in the morning. So I will simply say good night and see you soon “.