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Donald Trump’s speech today – Latest: Trump asks crowd to vote in ‘giant red wave’ as he shouts about ‘armed’ justice system

Donald Trump’s speech today – Latest: Trump asks crowd to vote in ‘giant red wave’ as he shouts about ‘armed’ justice system

Marjorie Taylor Green urges Trump supporters to boo Pelosi

Donald Trump spoke at a ‘Save America’ rally in Sioux City, Iowa, Thursday evening in support of that state’s Republican candidates ahead of next week’s midterm elections.

“This Tuesday you should vote for Republicans in a giant red wave,” he told the audience, promising to end Nancy Pelosi’s career once and for all.

Among those who warmed the crowd before the former president’s speech was Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and before him, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Green who urged the crowd to boo Pelosi saying he should have been armed and shot the man who He assaulted him, with the intent of attacking him. his wife. Pelosi was released from the hospital earlier on Thursday.

Meanwhile, to the ex-president’s ire, the judge handling the fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Leticia James against the Trump Organization and the Trump family ruled that an independent observer would oversee the company, limiting its ability to do business.

Additionally, CNN notes that because a Trump 2024 run appears likely, Justice Department officials have discussed the potential need for a special counsel to investigate the January 6 and Mar-a-Lago documents. An outburst of activity is expected after the mid-term.


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Trump 2024 campaign gears up for post-midterm launch

He also played in front of a crowd of supporters in Robstown, Texas, the former president Donald Trump It drew cheers when he talked about his first two runs White House – The third tirade.

“In order to make our country successful, safe, and gloomy again, I will probably do it again,” he said last month.

Perhaps this topic carefully “probably” will soon disappear from Trump’s radical rhetoric. The former president’s aides are making quiet preparations for the 2024 presidential campaign that could be launched shortly after next week’s midterm elections as Trump tries to cash in on what was expected. republican He wins by pushing himself to be the frontrunner for his party’s nomination.

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ICYMI: Emails show Trump’s lawyers believed Judge Thomas was key to sabotaging the outcome of the 2020 election

justice Clarence Thomas He was, from the start, a member of Supreme courtAccording to new documents, the nine-member Judicial Council, which the Trump campaign has identified as an ally,

Court issuance of emails between two Donald TrumpMembers of the 2020 campaign legal team explain how the masterminds of efforts to delay the certification of election results in Georgia and other states believed that Mr.

The full story is John Bowden.

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Trump launches midterm offensive in Iowa with a growing list of familiar grievances

Donald Trump took the stage in Sioux City, Iowa, at about 8:30 p.m. ET on Thursday and almost immediately began vilifying the country he led two years ago, calling Hawke State “under siege” by a group of rogue villains including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Chuck Schumerand the president Joe Biden.

He distributed canned lines about inflation and the cost of Thanksgiving dinner to Americans with racist attacks to the New York state attorney general who is currently suing him, his family and his eponymous real estate company to recover millions of dollars his office claims were defrauded. Financial institutions in New York.

Read Andrew Feinberg’s full report:

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Trump concludes his remarks.


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Trump claims again that Russia’s war on Ukraine would not have happened if he had been president

Donald Trump once again claims that Russia’s war on Ukraine would not have happened if he were still president because it did not happen in his first term in office.

He went on to say that China will act in Taiwan after that.

The former president has covered this topic while the frightening music with which he concludes his speeches plays in the background and he jumps from one topic to another.


Trump calls for voting on the same day on the ballot papers

Donald Trump once again repeated his false claim that there was massive voter fraud in the 2020 election, and he repeated his call to vote on the same day only and on ballot papers only for everyone except the really sick.

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Trump upsets 2024 (again)

“I will probably do it again,” the former president said regarding Tour 2024 “Get ready!”

For context: Iowa is the first partisan state, and it’s absolutely crucial in any presidential election.

More from the Associated Press on preparations for a possible third White House round:

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“Some of us have terrible children”

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Former President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a rally on a cold night in Sioux City, Iowa, on November 3, 2022


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