July 25, 2024

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Dr. Dre reveals the minor changes Kendrick Lamar had to make to perform at the Super Bowl in the first half

Dr. Dre reveals the minor changes Kendrick Lamar had to make to perform at the Super Bowl in the first half

It’s been two days since hip-hop has taken center stage in the Pepsi Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show, Fans are still talking about the amazing musical event he witnessed Dr. DreAnd Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar perform some of their most famous songs. Fans were also treated to a surprise appearance from 50 Cent and Eminem She brought another surprise, by kneeling on stage.

Recently caught TMZ with Dr. Dre, who clarified many of the speculation surrounding Sunday’s big performance, including some minor last-minute changes the NFL made — such as removing Kendrick’s lyrics “and we hate po-po” from his hit song “Okay.”

Dr. Dre (left) and Kendrick Lamar (right). Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images, Prince Williams/Wireimage)

“There were a few things we had to change, but they were like really minor things,” Dre said. “Em took the knee, and he was doing it alone, and there was no problem with that,” the super-producer told the outlet. As previously reported, league spokesperson Brian McCarthy He said In a statement, “We saw all the elements of the show during multiple rehearsals this week and knew Eminem was going to do it.”

The musician for “The Chronic” didn’t address the song “Okay,” but did reveal that there was discussion about the opening line from Kendrick’s recording of “mAAd city” where he says, “If Pirus and Crips are compatible.”

“They had a problem with it, so we had to get rid of that. No big deal, we got it. But, overall, everyone came in, we were professional, and everyone was on time,” Dre said. “Everyone felt the scale of this thing, and what we would have been able to achieve. It was an amazing experience.”

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Reaction to this weekend’s performance has been mainly positive, although some question Eminem’s motivation behind kneeling. Journalist Jemele Hill took to Twitter shortly after the show, writing that she hoped Eminem would explain why he was kneeling.

She posted elsewhere, “For the record, I think I know why Eminem was kneeling, but if it’s about Colin Kaepernick, he should say it. Not a criticism. But it would be a powerful addition to the conversation.” Eminem has yet to touch upon his blockbuster performance.

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