May 21, 2024

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‘Dr. Phil implements a wave of layoffs in a move to cut costs

'Dr.  Phil implements a wave of layoffs in a move to cut costs

Long-running talk show “Dr. Phil” has had a round of layoffs ahead of its upcoming season this fall, a spokesperson for the show confirmed Friday.

The cost-cutting movement affected about 25 workers, most of whom worked in production roles for the talk show “Dr. A Phil spokesperson said, adding that the show “facilitated production to ensure longevity.”

“As usual in this process, there have been some roles that we’ve discovered that we can reduce while continuing to deliver our dynamic and forward-thinking program,” the spokesperson said in a statement to The Post.

diverse He was the first to report the layoffs.

Pink slips scattered months later Allegations of a toxic work environment Shakes “Dr. Phil,” the show is named after its host, Dr. Phil McGraw.

report from Buzzfeed News Detailed allegations from dozens of current and former employees who said they were “verbally abused in the workplace that fuels fear, intimidation and racism” while on set. Seven of the workers who spoke to the outlet also said that guests who appear on the show are “manipulated and unethically treated”.

The layoffs mostly targeted employees working in production at the show.
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“Everyone was very miserable. I was walking into the building and there was palpable fear and anxiety,” said a former employee of the outlet at the time. Phil – a program about mental health where everyone working on it has terrible mental health because our working conditions were really bad.”

Another former worker said that the summer hiatus from the show was their only postponement, and that they would “have nightmares” about the job.

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“I would literally work in my sleep and have nightmares about something going wrong or something not being diverted the right way,” the former employee said. “Even when I took off, I had to go to therapy for him, which is crazy because you work with a therapist.”

Doctor Phil
About 25 workers were affected by the layoffs.
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McGraw was not personally involved in any wrongdoing on the set. Instead, employees said the show’s top producers were responsible for the toxic culture.

A spokesperson for “Dr. Phil” denied the allegations in the Buzzfeed report, referring to them as a “click-bait story” that contained “verifiable and objective misrepresentations and reports.”

“Dr. Phil” will begin its 21st season in September on CBS. The show is currently set to air until at least May 2023.