July 16, 2024

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Drones in prison: Up to 5 illegal deliveries per day per company

Drones in prison: Up to 5 illegal deliveries per day per company

Despite measures taken in 2023 to strengthen the security of detention centers, they face a bigger problem than ever with the delivery of illegal substances by drone, the union of peace officers in Quebec’s correctional services denounces.

A large number of blunt objects, knives, drug paraphernalia and cellphones are regularly confiscated inside Quebec correctional institutions, making smuggling of these items particularly problematic.

According to the union, some companies receive up to five illegal deliveries a day. He has criticized the provincial government for slow action.

The existence of cell phones is particularly problematic because these phones allow criminal groups to continue to manage their drug supply networks outside the walls, even when behind bars.

“The impression we have at the level of the corrections officers is that the Ministry of Public Security has become a ministry that is unwilling to intervene against street gangs and has no authority at all,” said the national leader. Union of Peace Officers in the Correctional Services of Quebec, Mathieu Lavoie.

“The work to commission the drone detection radar systems is ongoing. It is therefore premature to predict the impacts,” the Ministry of Public Security points out in a press release.

Watch the video above to see the full explanation.

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