April 13, 2024

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Eagles' Jeff Lurie wants Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni to remain authentic – NBC Sports Philadelphia

Eagles' Jeff Lurie wants Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni to remain authentic – NBC Sports Philadelphia

ORLANDO, Fla. – Eagles owner Jeff Lurie is an advocate for authenticity.

Especially in his head coach and franchise quarterback.

During the Eagles' free fall at the end of the 2023 season, there were plenty of images of a stone-faced Jalen Hurts on the sideline or wild man Nick Sirianni.

Two sides of the spectrum, both authentic.

“It is what it is,” Lowry said of Hurts. “It's the worst thing to be 24 or 25 and trying to be something. Be authentic as he is. He's a perfect, excellent example. There are times for stoicism.

“When we were 10-1, people said it was because of Jalen's stoicism and calmness under the storm, we were 10-1 in all those close games and then we lost a few, and 'Oh, maybe he's not in the clear' or whatever. I like the way Jalen is. I think he has his own style.”

What Laurie said is definitely true. Most people viewed Hurts' calm demeanor as a big positive when the team succeeded. But when things started to go downhill last season, there were reports that some wanted Hurts to have an outside leader. Hey, maybe that would help.

Hurts didn't play well throughout 2023, but then again, no one did. That's why the Eagles have lost six of their last seven games. But Lowry gave Hurts a strong vote of confidence Tuesday.

“He's going to adapt to that and lead the way because he's really respected for being who he is,” Lowry said. “You have a player who is 25 years old. I think you want to reinforce their identity, not try to mold them into someone they are not. He is an exceptional leader.”

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Lowry is the top man in charge of the organization, and on Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings in Orlando, he called for authenticity. Hurts is still only 25 years old and can still grow and change, but it seems like Lurie doesn't want Hurts to play a role in what some believe a good leader should look or sound like. Laurie wants Hurts to be himself.

He also wants Sirianni to be himself…most of the time.

The fiery coach gained a reputation after repeatedly blowing a gasket on the touchline. This verb sometimes seems a bit weak.

“I think, first of all, one of the aspects that makes Nick really good is that he's authentic. He doesn't hold back,” Lowry said. “And that can also be a negative sometimes. On the sidelines, you don't want to draw the ire of the referees. I'm always worried, you know, I want the referees to give us a fair shake, so I don't want him to overreact. But I love his passion.

“So I think he realizes that it might be a little counterproductive if he goes too far with his passion, but you don't want to stop where that passion comes from. So you have to find a sweet spot. I think he wants to find a sweet spot for what that's like. I love his passion , althoug.

Sirianni is entering his fourth season as head coach and has been interested in football most of his life. So it's not like he's going to change his personality overnight. Even Sirianni admitted he was “very nervous” at times on the bench, so Lowry's words won't come as a shock.

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