February 23, 2024

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Emma Darcy has the internet going crazy over this twist on Negroni

Emma Darcy has the internet going crazy over this twist on Negroni

Image credit: HBO

If you have already tapped from a file Dragon House wine— and with the intensity of the last few episodes of the series, we can see why — there’s another sip next to the dragon that’s making the internet go wild: Negroni sbagliato. The new cocktail’s fame comes courtesy of Emma Darcy.

While chatting with a colleague Dragon House Star Olivia Cooke During HBO’s TikTok, D’Arcy was asked “What’s your favorite drink?” At first, their answer was fairly simple: A negroni. But D’Arcy is not finished. “Sabagliato with Prosecco In it, “they added. And that was the moment social media went viral.

What exactly is this delicious libation? In short, the Negroni sbagliato is the bug we didn’t know we needed. according to EagleSip Bubbles, which combines Campari, sweet vermouth, and Prosecco, appeared when a bartender accidentally poured Prosecco into Negroni instead of gin.

excerpt from Monday Dragon House Stars discussing their favorite sips have received more than 6,000 comments, with many TikToker fainting at D’Arcy’s English accent. One commenter wrote: “Emma sounds like expensive old wine.”

During the short interview, Cooke also shared her sip, revealing that the gin martini (in moderation) is her favorite.

“I’m really in love, as in my old age, with a gin martini with a twist. I think it’s very elegant. It makes me really pissed off. I can only do two and then get sick,” she said.

For fans of D’Arcy and Cooke, you can follow the duo Dragon House Sundays at 9PM EST on HBO.

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