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Endgame Retcon by MCU writer

Iron Man, Avengers: Endgame Kevin Feige,

Mrs. Marvell It is a celebration of all things Marvel as it introduces audiences to Kamala Khan, a Muslim teen who is just as big of an Avengers fan as the rest of us. Disney+ premiere took little hero Iman Fellaini to AvengerCon and Provide references to 28 MCU heroes and villains while also including an oddly specific description of Avengers: EndgameThe final battle.

Since the Avengers fight for Earth against Thanos was out of the public eye, the writers always had the difficult task of showing how the world was aware of what had happened. The same questions were previously asked in WandaVision When Jimmy Woo pointed out Captain Marvel in bringing down Thanos’ fleet.


Luckily, Mrs. Marvell Explain that this knowledge came from Big Me Little Me: Interview with Scott Lang – Champion Paul Rudd appeared in a podcast in the universe. But as it now turns out, the series’ creators originally had a different idea to explain how the world knows so much.

Ms. Marvel Producer Unveils Avengers Retcon

During a recent interview with wrapAnd the Mrs. Marvell Executing producer Bisha K. Ali about her original plan for how Kamala Khan would perceive her events Avengers: EndgameThe final battle.

Avengers Endgame portals

The first show confirmed it ant ManScott Lang appeared on a podcast that included a description of the events of the fight. But Ali was originally pitched to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to be there Drones and live broadcast of a battle game over An idea quickly rejected:

“At one point, like the early days before we kind of expanded the creative team, I was like, ‘Kevin, what if there were like, drones and a livestream of an endgame battle? Like, there wasn’t a single Twitch Streamer about the final battle of Endgame? Are we kidding? I think I lost my mind at that point, try to solve this puzzle. So it was a really big iterative journey. And it was something like that. It changes and moves all the way. I think it must be Sana [Amanat, co-creator of the ‘Ms. Marvel’ [comics] Playground at the end. Or maybe – I have no idea where this idea came from. But when we combined it into the script, I think it was perfect. She was special.”

The executive producer went on to share how the team works “Million Shots” To try to see how Kamala and the rest of the world perceive these events:

“I’ll be honest, I’ll never get credit where it wasn’t due, that wasn’t my idea. This was something we’ve been through a million rounds of with, like, how does that happen? [Kamala] Know about things? Is this because everyone is posting stuff on social media? “

Scott Lang: The Internet’s Viral Sensation

Concept Avengers: EndgameThe final fight being streamed live to the world seems like a somewhat pointless fight for a number of reasons.

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At the time of the battle, billions of people had just come back to life and the planet was in disarray, and it’s hard to imagine anyone having time to prepare drones and equipment for live broadcasts. Thanos’ attack on the Avengers complex was a surprise to everyone, and one could imagine the location of the high-tech team base to be a secret as well.

Explanation given in Mrs. Marvell How the world learns about certain events in the Battle of the Earth is much more logical and funny. ant ManScott Lang is among the funniest and ordinary heroes in MCUso it’s easy to imagine him wanting to show off his heroic adventures to the world on a podcast.

or not, Big Me Little Me: Interview with Scott Lang can play in it Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania In some capacity, many fans have become eager to see it become a reality. An impromptu interview with Paul Rudd could provide a funny Disney+ special to promote the trilogy ahead of its release next year.

Situations like this explain why Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige’s role in the MCU is so important. His involvement and supervision of each project is why each MCU project is able to be connected as is. The idea of ​​the drones was about the Avengers fighting for the planet and Tony Stark took his last breath Somewhat brings very little light into what was an incredibly tense sequence.

Mrs. Marvell You will undoubtedly make many references to Avengers: Endgame And the rest of the MCU when it premieres its first installment on Wednesday, June 15, exclusively on Disney+.

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