May 19, 2024

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Exhausted, he killed a cat that frequented his property

Exhausted, he killed a cat that frequented his property

A French man who killed his neighbor’s cat in 2022 was sentenced to two months in prison after pleading guilty.

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In February 2022, in a city northwest of Marseille, France, a sexist committed an irreparable act.

The owner of the slain cat had gone to greet his neighbors in the morning, but he made a gruesome discovery. Her cat was bloody and unconscious.

The horrified owner found his cat in a state of wailing and questioned his neighbor as to what could have led to the cat’s injuries.

Quite simply, the neighbor admits to killing his cat because it “frequented” his land.

An exhausted 65-year-old man took out his gun and ended the poor cat’s days.

The next day, the suspect did it again, injuring his neighbor’s second cat in the eye.

If taken to the vet after the incident, the cat will lose vision in one eye shortly after.

Immediately, the owner of the two abused cats filed a complaint with the local police.

After his arrest, Moussac revealed how the city’s sex worker began to catch cats.

He would set up “trap-cages” and then shoot the cats in the head with a bullet.

In all, the Frenchman admitted to injuring and killing two cats. The man was convicted and sentenced to two months in prison.

He will serve his sentence at home and must wear an electronic bracelet. His weapons were also confiscated.

The court ordered him to hand over 2,200 euros ($3,224) to the Animal Protection Society.

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– According to France 3