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Explained Fatoy Harbingers of Genshin Impact and their traditions

Explained Fatoy Harbingers of Genshin Impact and their traditions

Jinshin effect Developer Hoyoverse has released a file Trailer teaser Which gave fans a look at one of the game’s most insidious villains: Fatoy Harbingers. Super villains are as sinister as they are hot, and the humor provided a veritable feast of new characters for fans to obsess over. The months before the game update 3.0 Sumeru were full Leak after leakAnd the reveal came as a welcome surprise for fans – finally putting the faces of some of the game’s most iconic characters.

so far in Jinshin effect We’ve only met three Harbingers: Signora, Scaramouche, and Childe. There are 11 in total, which means Hoyoverse revealed eight new characters in a matter of minutes. Although it might seem like a lot to drop at once, the game has been steadily evolving to reveal it through its lore. Here’s everything we know so far about Fatui Harbingers to help keep you updated with these characters as we approach Update 3.0.

[Ed note: The article contains spoilers for events that take place in the Inazuma archon quest line. You might not want to read if you’re not up to date on the story through the game’s 2.7 update.]

What happens in the trailer?

The Looks like the trailer is happening at some point After the events of the current main task. At this point, the traveler ventured into Chasm after helping to resolve the internal conflict in the Inazuma region, and Sakoku’s edict was lifted. We know this because the trailer depicts the Harbingers gathering to mourn the loss of their companion, Signora. A powerful fighter, Signora was beaten in battle by a traveler and then killed by the leader of Inazuma, Raiden Shogun. Traveler and the shogun had previously uncovered a fatui plot that turned the shogun against its own people.

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Photo: Hoyoverse

The trailer for the first time shows bits and pieces of each character, with some squabbling between the group, as tensions rise in the wake of Signora’s death. However, their leader Piero intervenes, saying: “Let every sacrifice worthy to be carved into ice, and with this nation endure forever. In the name of Her Majesty, Caesarea, we will seize power from the gods.”

What is fatoy?

In the game world, Fatui is a delegation of diplomats from the northern land of Snezhnaya, ruled by the Cryo archon, Tsaritsa. (Earth appears to be inspired by Russia, but we don’t know the details because it’s not part of the game yet.) Fatui represents Tsaritsa’s interests abroad, and while the organization is known officially as the Diplomatic Delegation, it often undermines the internal workings of other nations.

At this point, Fatoy is working toward some sort of dark goal that involves using the power of the gods. So far, the Fatoy Harbingers have acquired (or stole) Gnosis, a special item held exclusively by the Elemental God of Anemo, Geo, and Electro archons (archons are elemental gods). Beyond that, Fatoui sowed unrest in different regions. For example, they exacerbated the conflict in Inazuma by feeding its leader with false information. Fatui general agents often appear in the game as enemies that you can fight.

Who are Fatoy Harbingers?

The Fatoy Harbinger family is a supreme council of 11 fighters who made their way to higher ranks of command under Tsaritsa. They are known for harnessing their primary powers through an object called an illusion, an artificially produced means of harnessing elemental forces. (In the world of Teyvat, deities usually grant elemental powers to players in the form of spells called visions, but the Harbingers have artificially created these powers through shady methods.) In previous boss battles for Harbingers like Childe or Signora, players can see they wield an extraordinary power and transform into savage new forms of themselves.

No Signora like her fiery form in Genshin Impact

Photo: Hoyoverse

We have heard about some Harbingers during our adventures in Teyvat through stories and quests. Fans also noted that their names corresponded to original characters and styles from a form of early Italian theater called “Comedy dell’arte‘, which hints at the role each of them will play as will the rest of the game’s story. In addition, the playable character Childe is our main link with the Harbingers, since he’s played a big role in some of the main missions.

Here’s what we know about each of them:

  • Child (Tartalia): The most famous of the Harbingers, Child is the youngest member. We meet him for the first time in Liyue and discover that he is behind a plan to awaken a sea monster that threatens the safety of Liyue Port. Despite everything going on, he is friends with both Geo Archon and traveler and cares deeply about his family.
  • Piero (the clown): Pierro was the first Harbinger and leader of the group. In the trailer he sits at the head of the table. He is a mysterious character and is the one who prevents other members from quarreling.
  • Scaramouche (Blader): Scaramush didn’t appear in the final trailer, but he did meet the traveler on the Electro Archon mission. In the events of the game, Yae Miko exchanges him for Gnosis of the Electro archon in exchange for the life of a traveler. He is also rumored to be a playable character.
  • Signora (Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter): A particularly ambitious member, Signora dies in the events of the political row in Inazuma. She was responsible for collecting gnaws from the Anemo and Geo Archon.
  • Arlecchino (The Knave): In the joke, Arlecchino appears to be the most upset about Signora’s death and some call it “heartless businessmen”. She is an orphan, but little is known about her.
  • Pulcinella (rooster): In the teaser, we see a petite, long-nosed character named Pulcinella announcing the gathering for the funeral. We don’t know much about him, but he seems to maintain a good relationship with Child and takes care of Child’s family while he is working abroad.
  • Pantalon (registered): In his notes, Childe describes Pantalone as a man with “great plans fueled by raw ambition”. He also appears to be managing Fatoy’s finances.
  • Il Dottore (Doctor): Dottore is located in the archetype of “Mad World”. He appeared in the manga, hence we know that he conducted hateful experiments on unsuspecting citizens of Mondstadt. He has also been described as having an interest in researching the keepers of the ruins spotting Teyvat’s landscape.
  • Capitano: While all Harbingers are strong, Childe points out Capitano’s prowess on the battlefield and aspires to prove his worth to him.
  • Sandron (marionette): We don’t know much about it, but it looks like it’s motorized for dolls.
  • Columbina (Damsylite): We see Dameselite lying on Signora’s grave in the jest. Again we don’t know much, but Childe seems wary of her power.

If you just want to look at the designs, here is a picture of all the revealed elements with their still images labeled:

Why is everyone so excited?

So far, the Fatui Harbingers have been an ominous and somewhat unknown group in the game world. They played a big role but were largely operating from the shadows.

This trailer, arriving seemingly out of nowhere, showed them all at once. It’s a huge reveal with loads of new characters, and this is a community known to amplify nearly every new release of a single character. People Already made fan art and memes related to advertising. (Oh, a lot of Hot Fatoy Harbingersso it doesn’t hurt either.)