July 21, 2024

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Face to face: I am proud of our leaders

Face to face: I am proud of our leaders

It has become an essential, imposed image from which there is no escape.

I’m talking about the debate about the debate: Who “wins” and who “loses”?

This is a somewhat futile exercise for three reasons.

Everything is good

First, everyone judges according to their own criteria.

Then everyone thinks that what he already liked before the debate is especially good, and what he didn’t like much before is especially bad.

Finally, you should only question your initial bias if there is a real knockout, a final knockout.

But yesterday there was no one.

As for the knockout, no exchange will match the one that took place during an old debate that is now completely forgotten: the 1988 presidential debate between Democrat Lloyd Bentson and Republican Dan Quayle.

To counter criticism that he was too young and inexperienced, John F. Quayle says he was of Kennedy’s age and background.

Bentson looked at him like he would a poodle and with a simple remark, “Senator, JFK, I know JFK is my friend, you’re not a JFK.”

Boom! The lights went out and the healers entered the ring. And it was over… It didn’t stop the Busch-Quale duo from succeeding.

Nothing like last night.

Traditionally, debates tend to favor the lesser known, the one who starts from the farthest.

Honestly, after Thursday night, who can deny that Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is running a great campaign and that this calm and balanced young man is in politics for the right reasons and in the right way?

But the other four were excellent, each inevitably dragging his party’s pots.

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Duheim marked his ideological territory by placing the other four in the same left field.

The Prime Minister has logically played the role of wise, firm, moderate and responsible who understands that doing is harder than talking.

Nadeau-Dubois hid the extremism of the QS well and presented a positive image of his party.

Dominic Anglade is bitter, fired, and belligerent. His tribute to Pauline Marois for creating CPEs is of rare elegance.

somewhere else

We can inquire about the shape of a thing where two chefs think alike, the occasional quibble, the lack of time to create, the face-to-face encounter.

But there is no perfect formula, this is the best till date.

I have seen many televised debates in countries like America, France, Spain, Great Britain that I follow very closely.

It is wrong for us to harbor any inferiority complex.

Thursday’s debate was on par with the best I’ve seen elsewhere.