June 20, 2024

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Fallout New Vegas Mod adds Elden Ring online messaging system

Fallout New Vegas Mod adds Elden Ring online messaging system


screenshot: Bethesda / TommInfinite / Kotaku

One of the coolest parts elden ring It is the ability to leave messages for other players in the large open world environment of the game. You can warn people about enemies, hint at treasure, or trolling people with silly jokes or lies. And now someone has added this feature to Fallout New Vegas Via modification for the PC version of the game.

As I spotted it computer gamesAnd the “Building bridges” is a new modification of Fallout: New Vegas that was youloader for NexusMods Earlier this week. Building Bridges is a custom add-on for the game created by modder Tomminfinite that allows New Vegas Players leave simple text messages in the world that other players can then discover online, assuming they also have the mod installed.

If you have installed it, bridge construction Allows you to put up to 20 messages anywhere in the world New Vegas. (Although you can level up and unlock the ability to place more letters.) These letters can contain 115 symbols and appear in other players’ games as old pieces of paper.

just as in elden ringyou can rate the messages you find Fallout: New Vegas while using this mode. The higher the rating of your messages, the more features you unlock in the mode. You can eventually reach level 12, which allows you to put up to 31 letters in it New Vegas These higher-level messages can contain more characters.

The creator behind the mod has some rules on what kind of messages players can leave, as shown below:

  • IRL policy in any way. This is not a platform for that
  • offending people
  • Racism
  • Post personal information about yourself or anyone else
  • Inappropriate content

Violate one of these rules and you may be prevented from downloading any messages in the future.

Of course, the mode requires an internet connection, but it should work fine with others Fallout: New Vegas Modifications Because of how messages are generated and downloaded, this will not increase the game save file size or affect performance.

This mode makes me wish all games had the option to leave messages for other players. It’s a simple way to make game worlds feel more alive and less static. Plus, who doesn’t love letting go of a stupid joke or tricking someone into jumping off a cliff?

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