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FF7 Rebirth Details: A sneak peek or an incredible harbinger?

FF7 Rebirth Details: A sneak peek or an incredible harbinger?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Do The second game in the trilogy A game that reimagines the popular 1997 RPG, and spends much of its runtime setting up plot lines that are supposed to conclude in the third entry. Some of these details are world-building details, such as establishing the nation of Wutai as a major player in the political conflicts to come. But there's also a significant amount of character work done on the margins of all the mini-games and open-world exploration. the hero of the story Cloud of strife He has a great character arc throughout the game Final Fantasy VII The story, while New birthas the middle chapter, Not exactly revealing where things are going with him, fans have discovered small details in a couple of scenes in Nibelheim that may be an oversight, but could also be a cool, subtle foreshadowing. Spoilers for everyone Final Fantasy VII He follows.

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In working hours New birthCloud tells party members Tifa, Aerith, Barret, and Red XIII about a mission he and series Big Bad Sephiroth underwent on Nibelheim years before the events of Final Fantasy VII. After telling the group what he remembers from that day, Tifa confides in Aerith that while she was there when those events occurred, her memories are very different from the way Cloud tells the story. Cloud spends pieces of New birth He struggles with his contradictory memories and eventually learns that Sephiroth has some control over him, but what specifically is happening to him is never fully explained. This reveal was likely expected in the third game, but it turns out that Cloud's memories of the Nibelheim Incident overlap with those of Zack Fair, the protagonist. The essence of the crisis Who dies in the first place Final Fantasy VII timetable.

It turns out that Cloud was not a soldier during the incident and did not have the famous Buster Sword at the time. As such, fans have noticed the difference in the way he acts New birthFlashbacks to Nibelheim compared to his visit to the rebuilt city later in the game.

Twitter user pwtizza Comparison published Between two scenes in which Cloud sits at the water tower in the middle of Nibelheim. This is the place where he and Tifa used to meet when they were children, and it still holds some significance for him to this day. When he sits on his chair in the flashback, he keeps the giant sword on his back like always. Many video games show characters seated with weapons on their backs and allow them to walk around the environment. So what? Well, the fact that Square Enix created a brand new animation of Cloud removing the sword from his back when he sits in the same spot later in the game makes this difference significant. Cloud may not have removed the sword from his back in the flashback because at the time he didn't actually have it.

In the actual timeline of events, Cloud wouldn't get the Buster Sword until much later, after Zack's death. So it makes sense that he would move through the world without carrying a giant blade on his back. The fact that most video games have cutscenes that don't adjust weapon animations makes it entirely possible that this is just an oversight, but damn, it would be really nice of Square to consider such a subtle change.

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