July 16, 2024

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For the first time, the Pope intends to attend the G7 summit

For the first time, the Pope intends to attend the G7 summit

In 2020, the Pontifical Academy for Life, a research institute whose members are selected by the pope, issued a document titled “Rome’s Call for Artificial Intelligence Ethics,” which states: Principles established In order to develop and use technology. Major players in the AI ​​field, including leaders at Microsoft, IBM and Cisco, have signed the document.

Francis himself addressed the topic in a New Year’s message, calling for a global treaty to ensure that AI systems maintain a space for human compassion, compassion and tolerance, rather than being immersed in a reality run by arcane algorithms. He said that it is important to understand the impact of these technologies on the lives of individuals and societies, and on international stability and peace.

Father Paolo Benanti, who works as an expert on artificial intelligence ethics for both the Vatican and the Italian government, said that the Pope’s presence at the G7 meeting confirmed his readiness to deal with pivotal global issues.

“The pope has shown that he has these antennas,” Father Bennanti told reporters last week, citing Francis’ other major concerns, such as migration and climate change, adding: “He understands where the world is going.”

In the coastal town of Savelltree, where the G7 summit is being held in a luxury tourist resort, residents had high hopes for the pope’s visit. Although tight security protocols meant locals were unlikely to see Francis in person, many were hoping for some reward, however small.

“At least it’s a blessing,” said 68-year-old resident Laura Mancini. “He should give us that.”

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