May 18, 2024

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Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera says he was fired from The Five

Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera says he was fired from The Five

Longtime News reporter Geraldo Rivera said Wednesday that it has officially been canceled as the cable network’s most-watched show, and that next week will be its last show as a regular on cable. the five.

“Morning, it’s official, I’m off @TheFive. My last appearance on the show is Thursday and Friday June 29 and 30,” Rivera chirp.

“It’s been a great tour and I appreciate having the opportunity. It’s not always easy being an outsider. Right now I’m still a reporter at large,” he added ominously.

Rivera’s announcement of his firing from the show in the late afternoon comes a month after he took to Twitter to complain about his appearance the five I started to dry out.

In early May, he complained that he had been “canceled” from the show’s upcoming broadcasts, adding that he was “sure there was a good reason” before indicating he would return later in the month. The alleged cancellation followed the five Co-host Greg Gutfeld, with whom Rivera frequently had feuds, mocked the veteran Fox personality for criticizing Tucker Carlson after the network’s firing of the right-wing star.

While a Fox News insider at the time speculated to The Daily Beast that Rivera’s frequent clashes with Gutfeld may have played a role in Rivera’s reduced appearances, other network sources stated that Rivera was never on the show’s calendar in the first place.

Early last year, along with Fox News contributors Jessica Tarloff and Harold Ford Jr., Rivera was named one of the permanent “liberal” co-hosts of the five. The trio were chosen to take over from longtime committee member Juan Williams, who had left the Liberal seat months earlier. Sources told The Daily Beast that Gutfeld, who regularly engages in heated on-air debates with Williams, pushed the show’s progressive commentator.

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Whether or not Gutfeld played a role in Rivera’s sidelining, it’s clear that Rivera has become increasingly absent from the show’s board in recent months. According to a search of the text, Rivera wasn’t working the five Since May 24 and has only appeared a few times since he first publicly expressed his displeasure with the “cancellation”.

Fox News and Rivera did not immediately respond to requests for comment.