April 13, 2024

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Frank Ocean is back!

Frank Ocean is back!

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picture: NGELA WEISS / AFP via Getty Images (Getty Images)

Frank Ocean, the hidden and near damn singer, is back in the public eye to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his first classic album orange channel.

On Sunday, Ocean brought back two new episodes of his radio show on Apple Music, blond radioAnd the In addition to launching a new range of merchandise.

In the first episode, you can hear Ocean interviewing psychologist Dr. James Fadiman about a machine the singer made himself. The episode was titledBlonde Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. “

During the episode, Ocean shared that he was working on “Something” in Malibu, California over the summer.

“I was working in Malibu this summer, and I was going to be out pretty late from the studio and there are, say, a lot of Malibu coyotes,” Ocean said. “And then when I go outside, I’d see, like, all these bunnies walking around and they remind me of video games where you’re, like, a wizard or something. And you play that role in this game and you’re running around and you have these little things to pick up and put in the bag” .

Fans can only hope that he’s a new album he’s been working on since six years since he released his last album. Blonde.

In the second episode entitledEnergy blond!You can hear the “Thinkin Bout You” singer talking with Chinese Master Mingtong Gu about Qi Gong’s healing practices.

These new episodes share a common theme of healing. This should come as no surprise since in 2020, Ocean’s brother, Ryan Breaux, Killed in a car accident.

Ocean’s new merchandise includes a series of black and white logo t-shirts blond radio It reads “Post-radio quality since 2017.” The set also included a double-sided sticker of orange channel.

All items were available in Ocean’s sitebut many items have been sold out.

The last episode of blond radio It was released in December as Ocean Parks fans with no release Nine minutes song And a monologue from Dutch speaker Wim “The Snowman” Hof.

Fans of the singer have also noticed that Ocean’s verified Spotify profile has a new banner photo.

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