May 18, 2024

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GameStop allows someone to sell their NFT pointing 9/11 photo

Igor Bonifacic

Less than two weeks after its beta release, GameStop’s NFT Market It is already causing controversy. Among the NFTs listed on the platform is an artwork called “fall man“that was . There is nothing wrong with that, NFT references One of the most famous pictures From the early twenty-first century. “The Falling Man” is part of a series of photos taken by News agency Photojournalist Richard Drew on the morning of September 11, 2001. Of the 2,753 people who died inside and around the World Trade Center that day, at least 100 are estimated to have died while the towers were still standing.

“This probably fell from the MIR station,” says the NFT description, referring to the decommissioned Russian space station. The creator of the artwork is selling two different versions of “Falling Man,” with a cheaper price listed at 0.65 Ethereum or around $990. as such Web3 runs great It indicates that GameStop operates a regulated market for NFT. Artists must apply and pass a vetting process before they can offer their tokens for sale. The company takes 2.25 percent of sales. GameStop did not immediately respond to Engadget’s request for comment.

Art theft is a major issue in the NFT space. On platforms like OpenSea where people can issue tokens for free, . While you can make the argument that “Falling Man” does not fall into those categories and that artists should be free to point out past works and tragedies, it’s also true that this NFT downplays the fate of the fallen man, shortening his last moments into something that is being sold for profit. .

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