February 22, 2024

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Georges St-Pierre on trash in MMA: ‘I think you guys, they take it very personal’

Georges St-Pierre on trash in MMA: 'I think you guys, they take it very personal'

George St. Pierre He thinks fighters take things very personally outside of the cage.

last week, Jorge Masvidal Alleged assault Colby Covington Outside a Miami restaurant. According to the incident report, Covington told police that Masvidal had ambushed him outside Papee’s Steakhouse, punching him twice in the face while saying “You shouldn’t have been talking about my kids.”

After the accident, Masvidal He was arrested on charges of severe battery and criminal corruptionAnd the The charges that he pleaded not guilty. It’s an ugly incident and one that Georges St-Pierre Hall of Famer in the UFC says is the result of the two fighters being busy with the drama.

“Things are getting out of hand,” said Saint-Pierre. MMA watch. “I think guys take it very personally. For me, what my opponent was telling me was important. For me, it’s not personal, it’s about work, and whenever he was talking about trash, I was, in a way, making money. So I have to give Many thanks to all the fierce opponents who were talking to me, because they built the fight in a better and fun way for the audience, so I made more money. It’s good for business.”

St-Pierre has faced his share of opponents looking to talk trash about him during his tenure in the UFC, including Nick DiazAnd the Dan HardyAnd the Josh KuschickAnd the Michael Bisping. But the two-section champion never encountered the same kind of bullshit that Masvidal had to put up with, as Covington repeatedly spoke ill of the Masvidal family. According to Saint-Pierre, it was intentional.

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“There is a reason why my family and my real private life should not be shown in public,” St-Pierre said. “That’s because I know if someone wants to reach me, it’s easy for me. It comes from one ear and goes out the other and I don’t consider it personal. But if I try to reach out to someone I love or someone in my family, it’s a different story now. That’s why I’ve always tried to hide this part of my life. Because I’m a public person, so this part is public, and for fans, but my private life, for me, is more valuable to me. To compare with my career, my life is a million times better than I did in my career, but I keep it Secret because it is my private life.It is a diamond.It is my treasure.

“Most guys don’t think like that. Many of them, sometimes wanting to use their family to build a better platform, for their show – that’s okay too. It’s just for me, I knew coming from a martial arts background, it’s not a game we play, and if You want to reach someone to make them lose their power, there is a way to reach someone and that is to attack someone they love.Sometimes this is a better way than attacking the person themselves, I knew that, and I didn’t want to give my opponents the opportunity to use that against me. War, my friend! The Art of War!”

Few, if any, have been more successful in the Art of MMA Warfare than St-Pierre. The UFC Hall of Famer ended his career 26-2, having avenged both losses and claimed the UFC welterweight and middleweight titles.

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