July 13, 2024

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Giants-Patriots, Preparatory Week One: Live Updates

In-game updates

First Quarter: Giants Trail, 7-3. Daniel Jones is 6 of 10 for 69 yards. Saquon Barkley has four 13-yard wagons and a six-yard reception.

Shane Limieux (TOE) will not return. We were told on the broadcast that the Giants were hoping to let Lemieux play a position at a later date.

It didn’t look like Shen Limiu had a terrible injury. But you don’t want any injuries in a game like this.

Pre-game updates

Rookies start Darrian Beavers and DJ Davidson.

The New York Giants Open pre-season Thursday night (7 p.m. ET/NFL and NBC-4), marking the first appearance of Brian Dabol as the team’s head coach.

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Seeing old friends

Daboll’s debut comes against Bill Belichick, mentor and former employer, friend and head coach of the Giants Joe Judge, who has been replaced by Daboll. It does not emotionally remove.

“I haven’t thought about that yet. I’m very focused on trying to make things right every day. It’s clear that [Belichick is] A mentor to me, but I didn’t sit there and say, “Oh, this is the first match,” Daboll said. “I know my wife and kids are going to try to get it out. But he coached 750 games? This is my first game before the start of the season. I’m just trying to do it right by my team. Don’t really worry about me.”

The fact that Judge is on the other sidelines as New England quarterback coach and offensive assistant, may be a bit embarrassing for some of the players on the roster who have played with him for the past two years. Again, this is not something Daboll cares about.

“I didn’t even take it. I’ve been in this league long enough where I trained against friends and players and coaches. It kind of get used to, you know?” Daboll said for being in the league for such a long time, like, I know 10 other players in This machine, I’ve worked with four of them, or I’ve been to this place last year and go to this place. It’s just kind of in the nature of the NFL.”

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Appetizers vs Backups

Daboll said that all healthy novice players will play.

“I think it’s important to play football: to have live reps. How many reps there will be, I can’t tell you right now,” Daboll said. “I think it will be less for some and more for others, and every game will have a plan to get into it. I expect all of our guys to play on Thursday.”

That wouldn’t be the case for the Patriots, who aren’t expected to play at first.

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