July 23, 2024

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GO player kills five men with one shot

GO player kills five men with one shot

sp1cay with its own AWP

picture: Kotaku | sp1cay

a few days ago a Counter Strike: Global Offensive A player by the name of sp1cay was playing with some friends when, after a sprint and a grenade toss, they whipped out their AWP sniper rifle and fired a shot.

That shot continued straight through the initial target – a hand shot herself – and straight into the dude behind them. Then the dude behind they. And so on until five The bodies were on the ground.

There is a term in counter strike It’s called an “Ace,” and like real-world aerial combat, it’s used when one player can eliminate five opponents (which in counter strike It also happens to be a complete team). It’s a rare feat, and it applies as long as the individual player eliminates all five enemies themselves, regardless of time or ammo expended.

To manage it in one shot… Damn it. Apparently The man in charge – soon to be a counter strike Celebrity – “He doesn’t even want anything, just for people to watch his full YouTube clip,” so without further ado:

AWP 5k – 1 bullet

“I I’ve never seen this before, so I guess it’s rare? He says on YouTube. “Nnot sure! Hope everyone enjoys :)”. Since the explosion earlier today, sp1cay’s YouTube comments have been showered with praise like:

This is a once in many lifetime shot. Insanely unreal. Graz.

This is the craziest thing ever. The valve should reinforce this

A great moment in gaming history. Someone send this to geoff to make sure it stands out at the game awards

I don’t know if I will ever see another one like this in my life

That was fuckin rad dude. I’ve never seen a shot like this in CS history

Nobody will hit something like this again

Something to say to your kids for sure – because I will. Once in a lifetime thing for sure.

I don’t even play the game but I know this is awesome!

I think most of us are the last man now.

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