June 14, 2024

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Google Bard is banned by all EU countries

Google Bard is banned by all EU countries

Yesterday at Google I/O 2023, it was announced that Google Bard will undergo a massive expansion, bringing the AI ​​chatbot experience to 180 countries. However, what Google fails to mention is that Bard is still not available in the European Union.

on Support pageGoogle breaks down the full list of 180 countries in which Bard is available right now. This includes countries all over the world, but very significantly no Which country is part of the European Union? It’s a major absence from what would be the global expansion of Google’s artificial intelligence.

The reason is not officially mentioned by Google, but it seems reasonable to believe that it is related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Just last month, Italy briefly banned ChatGPT over similar concerns that AI could not comply with the regulations. Google also slyly hints that this may be the case saying that additional Bard expansions will be done “in compliance with local regulations”.

Bard is currently available in three languages ​​and more than 180 countries and regions. We will gradually expand to more countries and regions in a way that is in line with local regulations and our AI principles.

The absence was noticed yesterday by a member of our team, as well as by WinFutureBard himself asked about the lack of support and the AI ​​chatbot said GDPR was the reason. Of course, being a language paradigm, Bard has no actual answers to provide which aren’t common knowledge to begin with.

Another notable omission is Canada, which is not listed as supported at this time.

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As long as you are in a supported region, Google Bard is now available in English with no waiting list. Yesterday’s chatbot also got support for Japanese and Korean languages, with more to come.

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