July 16, 2024

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Google Pixel is getting more descriptive warnings about overheating

Google Pixel is getting more descriptive warnings about overheating

Currently, your Pixel displays a warning that says “Phone gets warm” when it gets hot. Google is working on more descriptive messages that don’t require landing on a page Online support article for more information.

This existing notice explains how “some features are limited while the phone is hot.”

When you click for more information, Google explains how to do this: “Your phone will automatically try to cool down. You can still use your phone, but it may run slower. Once your phone cools down, it will work normally.

Version from Device health services Reveals work on more descriptive warnings.

First up is a “pre_emergency_notification” titled “Phone needs to cool down: You may experience slower performance. Try to avoid direct sunlight or close any apps that are intensively consuming battery power.

The full “Pre-Emergency Dialog” does a better job of explaining what the Pixel does:

Pixel will attempt to cool down your phone by temporarily restricting the following:

  • Performance speed
  • Disable 5G network and more

How to help cool your phone:

  • Try to avoid direct sunlight
  • Place your phone in an open area for airflow
  • Close any apps that consume battery power such as videos, games, and camera

Once your phone cools down, it will work normally again

Robot body Notice how an emergency mode appears when your device reaches 120.2°F (49°C). Adaptive Thermal Service will measure the battery temperature in five-minute increments.

  • At 125.6°F (52°C), “emergency” mode is entered.
  • At 131°F (55°C), the “pre_shutdown” dialog box appears: “Phone will shut down in approximately 30 seconds due to overheating”
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This update to Battery Health Services has not yet been widely rolled out, with Google only noting how version 1.27.x brings “improvements to adaptive battery functionality.” Updated overheat warnings may debut on the Pixel at a later date via a server-side update.

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