April 13, 2024

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Google Pixel Tablet Axial Curve

Pixel Tablet

As Google looks to the future of Android and the philosophy of tablets at the platform level, you can’t help but be reminded of the past.

11 years ago, Google first shifted its focus towards creating the perfect Android tablet experience. Back in the prehistoric era of 2011, Le Googlé launched its first batch of Android tablets with the introduction of Android 3.0 Honeycomb Software and effort to get developers to work with big screen app interface improvements.

This effort did not last long, to say the least. In about a year, Google – well, you know, google. The company lost focus, pivoted away of seeing it, and finally let the idea of ​​an Android tablet falter without any meaningful move forward or Any real platform-level upgrade.

So when word broke that Google was Make another batch For the world to take Android tablets seriously again, including the ones you target in 2023 Pixel Tablet productIt was hard not to get a certain sense of deja vu — a feeling that, hey, we’ve been down this road before. What can he make? This is amazing What time is different?

It is a valid question. I mean, well, Android tablets had a beast of time to crack and gain any meaningful traction 11 years ago. And in the more than a decade since, Apple has just strengthen its position As the de facto standard for business tablets. How can I go back right Now With the option “Like an iPad, but with Android” does it matter?

The answer, it turns out, may be true under our pessimistic noses. The short version is that Google may not do that Attempt To compete directly with the iPad in the general tablet market in this round. Alternatively, it may look to create a file Category One of the devices he can own on his own.

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