July 16, 2024

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Gordon Ramsay shares horrific cycling accident, defends helmet use after lucky escape

Gordon Ramsay shares horrific cycling accident, defends helmet use after lucky escape

Multi-Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay has shared his experience of a brutal bike accident which he narrowly survived. The celebrity chef detailed the incident that occurred in Connecticut while he was on a bike ride. He posted the news on his Instagram account, describing the incident in a video that also showed the consequences of the accident. Fortunately, he did not suffer any major injuries such as broken bones or torn ligaments, except for some major bruises.

Gordon Ramsay recounts a cycling accident

Gordon Ramsay shared his experience from a bad cycling accident in a video on Instagram.

The Kitchen Nightmares host took to Instagram to share news of his cycling accident in a video on his official account. The video began with Gordon greeting his followers, saying: “Hi guys, I’m Gordon. I would like to share a very important message with all of you. You know how much I love cycling, triathlon and Ironman [races] Etc. Unfortunately, I had a really bad accident this week that really shook me up and honestly I’m lucky to be here.

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Speaking about his treatment, the 57-year-old chef said he was treated at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London, Connecticut. He stressed the importance of wearing a helmet and urged people to wear helmets. “I don’t care how short the trip is. I don’t care…These helmets cost money, but they’re so important that even with a short trip a kid has to wear a helmet.” The helmet played a crucial role in saving his life during the accident.

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Ramsay expresses his gratitude, “Lucky to be here.”

The restaurant owner expressed his gratitude that he did not suffer any serious injuries except for a large purple bruise on his stomach that he showed in the video. “Right now, I’m lucky to be standing here. I’m hurting. It’s been a brutal week. I’m kind of over it,” he said. According to The Guardian, the chef’s hands were visibly shaky in the video as he shared the information with his 17 million followers. He shared that the bad cycling accident completely shook him and reassured his fans about his health as he captioned the video, saying, “I’m fine and haven’t broken any bones or suffered any serious injuries but I’m a little bruised and look like a purple potato.”

Fans expressed their concern and wished him a speedy recovery, with one user writing: “I’m relieved you’re alive. Please, get some rest. No filming for TV shows. That bruise is big. It must still be very sore. Your hands were not Still trembling. Take care.”

Another user wrote: “In our thoughts Gordon, take the time you need to heal. Most importantly, Happy Father’s Day and relieved that you are able to spend another day with your precious family. A third user wished for a “fast recovery chef.”