April 24, 2024

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Gwendolyn Kristen is hellishly perfect as Lucifer in Sandman

Gwendolyn Kristen is hellishly perfect as Lucifer in Sandman

A shaded figure with blond hair and leather wings stands behind a long torch.

screenshot: Netflix

Neil Gaiman fans Sandman a series They’ve been waiting for a live-action adaptation of the critically acclaimed comics for decades, but they’ll hopefully take some solace in this: if there is Sandman A movie in the ’90s, or a Sandman 2000s TV Show We’ll Never Get This – Absolute Perfection to Watch Gwendolyn Christie Like evil In the upcoming Netflix series.

I’m actually not trying to do stupid wordplay at the moment, but the only word that comes to mind when I see these first photos of Christy Lucifer is “beauty”:

I meanCome here, right? It’s perfect, right down to the angelic, blonde, Renaissance curls. plus a few othersAnd Lowest shots for Lucifer Of the show, Netflix has also released some footage of Christie in The Devil’s Action, which sadly concluded in a Geeked Week preview trailer that seems necessary to tell people “actually, geeks are good now” in the year of our master 2022. Feel free to skip to 1:40 in Video and let it drip everywhere:

Perhaps I should mention that there are some accompanying footage of Sandman Star Tom Sturridge as Dream/Morpheus is partially stuck in the trailer for Geeked Week if you want to start it from scratch. Or you can wait for Geeked Week, Netflix’s “live virtual fan festival,” to start in earnest on June 6, when it will inevitably release more Sandman Screenshots — plus the show’s release date, likely.

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