May 28, 2023

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Gwyneth Paltrow will be prosecuted for a skiing accident in 2016


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March 20, 2023 | 4:04 p.m

Salt Lake City, Utah — Gwyneth Paltrow will go to trial this week after being sued 2016 skiing accident ‘hit and run’ On the slopes — and the founder of “Goop” can take the stand in his own defense, The Post has learned.

Retired ophthalmologist Terry Sanderson She sued the health-conscious star for $3.1 million in 2019, claiming she seriously injured him when she was skateboarding “out of control” and bumped into him at a Park City, Utah resort on February 26, 2016.

Sanderson said he left with a brain injurybroken ribs and loss of enjoyment of life – but Paltrow’s lawyers say he’s lying.

The Oscar-winning actress responded by claiming that it was Sanderson who shocked her and delivered a “full body blow”.

The two will now face off in a Park City courtroom, with the trial beginning Tuesday morning and expected to last eight days.

Sources close to Paltrow told The Post that she will testify in her own defense, though it is unclear when she will take the stand.

Gwyneth Paltrow is being sued over a 2016 skiing incident in Deer Valley, Utah.
Instagram/Gwyneth Paltrow

Sanderson, who was 69 when he modeled Paltrow in 2021, told his doctor a year before the accident that he was blind in one eye, the actress alleged.

Her lawyers also wrote in the counterclaim that the retired ophthalmologist “admits that he does not remember what happened.”

“Miss. Paltrow remembers what happened very vividly. She was enjoying skiing with her family on vacation in Utah, when the plaintiff—which was a hard slog of Mrs. Paltrow—bushed her back…Ms. Paltrow was angry with the plaintiff, and said so. The plaintiff apologised.” , the document states.

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Plaintiff Terry Sanderson, center, says Paltrow caused him permanent brain damage.

“Other than his visual problems, he had 15 other chronic medical problems,” her lawyers wrote.

Paltrow’s attorney also claims that the plaintiff’s doctors conducted brain tests that showed “no deficits in his cognitive functioning” after the accident.

Eight jurors and two alternates were selected for a jury in the Utah 3rd District Court last week.

A judge ruled that Sanderson was not entitled to punitive damages, and could only claim $300,000 in damages, not the $3.1 million he had hoped to get.

Paltrow, 50, is asking for a small $1 in damages on top of the cost of her legal fees “because her injuries were relatively minor,” according to court documents.

The accident occurred on the slopes of Park City, Utah, and both parties say they did not cause the accident.
Getty Images

The litigating doctor said Paltrow didn’t care after she allegedly ran into him, another allegation she denies.

“The undisputed facts do not support the assertion that Ms. Paltrow committed a hit-and-run,” her lawyers said, adding that even Sanderson’s ski expert “concluded that the evidence indicated that defendant Paltrow’s post-crash actions were” reasonable under circumstances” and she remained at the scene.

Lawyers for the “The Royal Tenenbaums” actress have also criticized Sanderson in court documents, saying that despite claims of serious injury, he has traveled internationally on several occasions since the accident including spending three weeks in Thailand, two weeks in the Netherlands and two weeks in central Europe. .

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