June 19, 2024

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Happy Mar 10 Nintendo Life!

Happy Mar 10 Nintendo Life!
Photo: Nintendo Live

Good grief, it’s been another year Previously?

Yes, it’s that time again guys, the coolest time of the year for Mario fans all over the world: It’s March 10 (because March 10, right? March 10… Mario)!

If you’re in the mood for giving today, you might want to check out our summary of Best Mario Gift Ideas. We’ve also done a full grading of All major Super Mario gamesjust in case any gems are lost, not to mention alternative lists categorized by readers for both 2D Mario games And the 3D Mario games. And therefore. many. Mario. games!

On the one hand the new Mario games this year, well…we don’t have any yet. However, the first batch of new Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC tracks are at the cornerPlus we got it Mario Strikers: Battle League And the Mario + Rapids sparks of hope later this year. Good assortment, we believe! Although we could always do with a new 3D Mario title, Nintendo – just saying.

Mario Streakers
Mario Streakers (Photo: Nintendo)

In other news, you can have a bunch of fancy Super Mario Odyssey themed icons Via the new ‘Quests and Rewards’ feature on Nintendo Switch Online.

We would like to know how you plan to celebrate today; Are you going to wear clothes? Home decoration? Or simply relax with a cup of tea and explore the island of Delfino Super Mario Sunshine? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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