May 21, 2024

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Harry, Meghan kiss the polo – what it means, according to an expert

Harry, Meghan kiss the polo – what it means, according to an expert


Get a room for both of you.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's kiss at a charity polo match in Miami on Friday was a true public display of affection, an expert said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared at the event for the Sentebale Foundation, which Harry, 39, founded in 2006. The foundation works with young people and children affected by HIV in Botswana and Lesotho.

According to body language expert Jodi James, the couple's kiss proved that the two have no problems flaunting their love in front of onlookers.

James said woman Which the hugging was reminiscent of One the Sussexes shared back in 2018 at a different eventand it indicates how in sync the lovebirds are together.

The polo match was a fundraiser for Harry's charity Sentebale.

“In 2018, Harry looked excited and full of emotion after training at the polo field, planting a very sexy kiss on Meghan's lips, giving the kiss a 'Get a Room!' quality,” James said.

“His expression was serious and he seemed lost in the moment as he turned his head but kept his torso facing forward.”

Megan tilted her head back in the same submissive gesture that exposed her neck [Princess] Diana uses it when kissing [King] Charles on their wedding day. She continued: “The polo cup seemed irrelevant and they had to be reminded that it was supposed to be handed out.”

However, the latest lip lock “shows that love is still there but it's a sweeter, more fun PDA.”

The way they placed their hands on the cup this time as they walked around suggests that the “Suits” star, 42, and Harry have “higher levels of sociability than they showed when they seemed lost in the moment in 2018.”

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The couple looked cool, calm and collected at the Miami event on Friday.

“It's Harry craning his neck here and Meghan's heels making her able to kiss at a more balanced angle. The body language is more reflected here, demonstrating the levels of like-minded synchronization that has developed over the years.

For the polo match, Markle wore a sleeveless white dress and beige heels, while Harry wore a stunning blue button-down suit and no tie.

Despite the fiery kiss and gorgeous set, James claimed the former actress looked less confident than the Invictus Games founder at the party.

“The couple look like movie stars here, holding hands as they stand and smile for the cameras… Meghan is like that.” [wearing] Huge shadows and wide smiles, while Harry's puffy chest and confident stride indicate that he is absolutely in his element. pass Friday.

According to body language expert Jodi James, the couple's kiss gave a major digital assistant. Reuters

“Megan only looks a little less confident when she's with him in the ring before the match, with her folded arms making her look a little less confident.”

The couple separated from the rest of the royal family in 2020 and moved to Montecito, California.

They have since grown their brand, with the upcoming launch of their lifestyle company American Riviera Orchard, as well as creating their own brand. Archewell Productions banner.

The duo also secured a lucrative $100 million deal with Netflix, and will debut two new TV series on the streamer in the coming months.

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