March 2, 2024

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He found $5,000 in his order bag at McDonald’s

He found $5,000 in his order bag at McDonald’s

A man from Indiana, USA, was surprised when he was mistakenly paid $5,000 during his last visit to McDonald’s.

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Josiah Vargas had ordered a Sausage McMuffin on January 16, as he usually does.

He was handed a bag emblazoned with the company logo to pick up the order at the drive-thru window. Everything pointed to what was inside the sandwich.

He soon realized there was no sandwich in the bag, so he stopped a short distance away.

In fact, $5,000 of cash was inside. He quickly went to inform the staff about the availability of the amount.

Screenshot | Version inside

Fortunately for the employees, Josiah was of good will and returned the full amount to the branch officials.

“I gave them money because I’m a good person,” he said on the TikTok site.

How could this incident have happened? A drive-thru employee apparently took the money from him. In order to properly count the cash, the staff had put everything looted from the cash register into packaging.

“It is a gift from God. I really want to hug you,” said an employee.

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