April 16, 2024

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Helldivers 2 players descend on the planet Tien Kwan in an attempt to unlock the droids

Helldivers 2 players descend on the planet Tien Kwan in an attempt to unlock the droids

The galactic war in Helldivers 2 has taken another turn, as it always promised to, and this time it appears to be locking in the launch of the droids behind liberating the planet.

A tweet from developer Arrowhead was all it took for hundreds of thousands of players to descend on the planet Tien Kwan in the hopes that liberating it would unlock highly anticipated exo suits.

“This is not a maneuver!” reads the tweet. He added, “Our factories are under attack, halting production completely. Helldivers have been deployed to liberate Tien Kwan!”

A new in-game message appears indicating a new major command, this call to arms. It seems that the Automatons (the evil alien robots in Helldivers 2) have taken over the planet solely responsible for making machines (that was your first mistake, Super Earth), so the Helldivers must free it immediately.

The wording of the message indicates that if the Helldivers 2 community fails this key matter, the Automatons will capture the exosuit technology and the release of the mechs will be postponed. The master order expires within 70 hours of publishing this article (early hours of Sunday, March 10).

It is not clear whether the machines will be released at that time, or once the planet reaches a 100% liberated state. But what's clear is that the Helldivers 2 community is answering the call – already there are over 100,000 players and counting fighting against the Automatons in Tien Kwan.

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It's all part of Helldivers 2's engaging galactic war, run by a Dungeons & Dragons-style game master named Joel. This latest development is another clever twist in the ongoing meta-narrative that underpins Helldivers 2's gameplay. What happens if the community fails the main thing? Joel wouldn't block the machines, would he? right?

Meanwhile, Arrowhead has just revealed an upcoming premium Warbond for Helldivers 2, dubbed Cutting Edge. Includes new weapons, new armor sets, new heads, and new emotes.

There's a lot going on in the world of Helldivers 2, including… A recent new strategy involves hugging, and corrected a controversial balance that weakened the game's best loadouts. Helldivers 2 has become one of the surprise games of 2024 since its launch in February. Tops the charts on Steam And It reportedly sold about three million copies. According to at least one analyst. It's still growing. paying off Helldivers 2 game review from IGN To find out why it declines well, as well Best downloads.

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