May 23, 2024

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Here’s what’s coming to Gemini AI for Android

Here’s what’s coming to Gemini AI for Android

Google’s best new Android feature in years Research circle, which is why it took center stage at Google I/O’s opening keynote today. Google has announced new updates to Gemini, the artificial intelligence that powers the Android operating system. Most of the new features seem useful, although they may seem more subtle than you expected.

Google says it will reveal more about the Android operating system Wednesday 15 MayOn the second day of the developer conference. Stay tuned for those announcements.

Circle to search your homework

Screenshot: Google

Gemini’s first big update is now available through the Circle to Search gesture. Starting today, you can use the long press shortcut to search for answers to various questions related to physics and mathematics. Google search will display step-by-step instructions when you query. Note that you’ll have to sign up for help with math and word problems from the Search Labs menu for the feature to work.

Google He praises in his blog This is all possible through LearnLM, “its new family of fine-tuned models for learning.” Honestly, older millennials are jealous that your kids get help like this these days. Google plans to release more STEM homework help later in the year, including the ability to highlight charts and graphs.

Gemini gains more context

Image showing how you can drag and drop generative images

Drag and drop generative images between Gemini and other apps.
picture: Google

If you want more context for Google Gemini, you’ll get more of it this year. Google announced at I/O that in the next update, you’ll connect to Gemini to interact with the app you’re using. For example, you can drag and drop a Gemini-created photo into another app like Messages or dive deeper into a YouTube video without navigating too far. Gemini Advanced subscribers will also have the option to query the PDF file for a quick summary. This particular update will be rolled out “over the next few months.”

Gemini Nano has become multimedia on the device

Screenshot of what the mobile app displays when a scam occurs

Example of the dialog window that Gemini will pop up when it suspects a fraudulent call is in progress.
picture: Google

The Gemini Nano — the smallest model in Google’s Gemini family that powers Pixel hardware on the device — will also see an update on compatible Pixel devices later this year. First, the Gemini Nano will become multimedia. Artificial intelligence will finally be able to process text and audio or video input simultaneously. It will take advantage of Android features like TalkBack, where the Nano can generate descriptions for images and interface elements that don’t provide details.

The Gemini Nano also powers the phone app’s fraud detection feature that Google announced during the keynote. This feature scans the conversation on the device to determine if a scam is occurring in real time. Google says the conversation is processed on the hardware side and does not travel to the server. Instead, Nano listens for triggering words and phrases and then makes comments that you may be involved in a scam.

Gemini for developers

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer famously said it first: The Developers Conference is about developers, developers, developers! Google has reminded its developers that Gemini is available for use in… Android development environment. Developers get early access to Gemini 1.5 Pro, which can help with programming and assembly.

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