April 19, 2024

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High Intoxication: The troublemaker sends the bride to the hospital

High Intoxication: The troublemaker sends the bride to the hospital

A newlywed was airlifted to hospital after suffering serious carotid artery injuries during a drunken and aggressive spoilsport during a wedding in France.

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Last Saturday, during a wedding celebration in Genvry, northwest of Paris, a friend of the newlywed married his wife violently with a shard of a bottle to the throat, Le Parisian reported France Live on Tuesday.

Not long ago, a particularly drunk man started being pushy and aggressive with several wedding guests, forcing them to call the gendarmes.

But once they arrived on the scene, the “highly alcoholic” guests defused the situation with police and the troublemaker was able to stay on site to continue the celebrations, according to French media.

“There were many verbal and physical conflicts,” one soldier told Le Parisien. But if he stayed, they wanted to keep him without telling him everything that happened. Otherwise, he would have been arrested, because in such a situation, it could quickly start again.

Spousesport would have grabbed a bottle to hit a guest with, and then the man’s mother would have rushed at the man.

The bride would have tried to calm things down.

“That’s when he hit her with a piece of wood. She might have gone there,” said a policeman.

The bride was airlifted to hospital in critical condition, but is not believed to be life-threatening.

A total of five people were injured and the attacker was reportedly attacked while waiting for emergency services.

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