June 24, 2024

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Historic hurricane season in the United States: A warning for Quebec

Published on May 29, 2024 at 10:27 pm

What is happening to our neighbors to the south this summer in Quebec is a bad omen.

Season in action

Tornado Alley has had a very eventful season so far. Several devastating incidents have been reported since early April. Atmospheric environment is particularly well-defined with ring of fire. In fact, a thermal dome covers the southern United States and provides a significant amount of energy for thunderstorms. Then, the presence of the cold current fuels a variation that triggers violent storms and circulation in the clouds.


A historic season

So far, the season has been the third most active year for tornadoes in the United States. In this respect, the year 2011 has set a record. So far, 2024 is following 2019’s trend, but could pick up pace in the coming weeks and take second place alone this year.


to Quebec

Experts confirmed the first tornado in Quebec on May 27. Montérégie West saw an EF-1 force event with winds of 155 km/h. La Belle province can enjoy a good summer in terms of harsh weather due to favorable atmospheric conditions. The famous heat dome should gradually move northwards and be closer to our regions. Therefore, fighting air masses can occasionally produce severe weather.


With the collaboration of Nicholas Lessard, meteorologist.

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