July 17, 2024

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Horizon actor Michael Rooker says audiences are becoming more influenced by TikTok

Horizon actor Michael Rooker says audiences are becoming more influenced by TikTok

Audiences are used to seeing Michael Rooker play tough characters in projects like the walking Dead And Guardians of the GalaxyBut the actor himself had some harsh advice for audiences who haven’t reacted much to his latest film. Horizondirected by and starring Kevin Costner.

The film made a disappointing $11 million last weekend — on a $50 million budget — with its biggest audience being 55 and older. He told TMZ, The film actually demands something from its viewers.

“This is real cinema, people. So, be prepared. We’re not used to this bullshit. We’re used to 90-minute movies. Everything is 90 minutes… Get over this bullshit. Let’s watch a movie that tells a real story. Where you learn about people and you grow to want to love them – or hate them. It’s not all quick, short, and concise.”

Asked if he thought audiences’ sensibilities were affected by TikTok, Rooker replied: “Of course, that’s true. Of course. They have to get over this shit… They have to learn what it’s like to watch real cinema.”

One would assume that Rooker would say that the success of Christopher Nolan’s three-hour film, which grossed $1 billion at the box office, Oppenheimer Last summer was the exception, not the rule.

As for Costner’s first role as both director and star in 20 years, Rooker said: “He’s great in this movie. He’s a great director. He has the ability to cast the best actors ever.” [of actors]”.”

What is his final advice?

“Go see the movie, you’ll enjoy it.” But he warned me, “Go to the bathroom before you go in.”

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