July 13, 2024

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How Asus fixes customer support after Gamers Nexus investigation

How Asus fixes customer support after Gamers Nexus investigation

ASUS now has a new inbox called “[email protected]” specifically created to reprocess past RMA requests that customers feel were unfairly labeled, misclassified, or were charged for a service that should be free

ASUS has published a timeline for improvements: June 14th, today, is the publication of this email and template. ASUS has promised us an email this month with other changes.

ASUS has committed to refunding service fees for unnecessary repairs that customers felt forced to accept in order to receive guaranteed repair coverage, such as an irrelevant or misclassified Customer ID [Customer Induced Damage]

ASUS has committed to refunding shipping fees in scenarios where the guaranteed repair was part of the RMA agreement. For clarity, if a customer has an out-of-warranty repair and an in-warranty repair on the same claim, ASUS will cover the shipping

ASUS has committed to refunding labor and taxes related to these eligible disputes mentioned above

ASUS created a Task Force to retrospectively look back through a long history of negative customer surveys to try to fix the issues

ASUS has removed power from repair centers to claim CID. Now, CID claims must be done through the ASUS team. This will remove some of the financial incentives for hardware failure. There’s still one, but now it won’t be driven by speed

ASUS is establishing a new support center in the US. This will enable customers to choose between having their panel repaired or replacing it faster with a refurbished panel. This resolves an issue where renewals were previously the only option in some scenarios

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After more than a year of refusing to acknowledge the ROG Ally’s microSD card reader failure, ASUS will publish an official statement next week about the series’ flaw.

ASUS will publish a more transparent repair report template in September 2024

ASUS is changing the language of Advance RMA to reduce the focus on physical damages