May 18, 2024

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How Joey Gallo feels about the Yankees trade with Andrew Benintende

How Joey Gallo feels about the Yankees trade with Andrew Benintende

Andrew Benintende Arriving at the Bronx on Thursday More blurring put Joey Gallo as a Yankee.

And while Gallo is back in the line-up on Thursday for the first time since Sunday, playing on the right pitch, his days in striped streaks could be numbered before Tuesday’s trading deadline.

“Yeah, I mean, honestly I don’t think about it that much,” Gallo said Thursday when asked if he expected to remain with the team after the deadline. “I’m just trying to focus on today and the role I’m playing today.”

What this role looks like is uncertain, with Benintendi Become a Yankees left player. On Thursday manager Aaron Boone started running Aaron Hicks center and Gallo on the right while Aaron Judge had a day in the DH. But the judge is expected to get more of his starts in the right field going forward.

New Yankees player Andrew Benintende takes the court Thursday afternoon for batting practice.
Jason Szines
Joey Gallo
Joey Gallo
Robert Sabo

“[Gallo] Asked about Gallo’s role, Boone said:

Gallo, who entered Thursday with a .161 record of 0.629 OPS and a 103 strike in 270 board appearances, said he wasn’t surprised by the trade and was excited to have Benintende on board.

“It’s important to find the team,” Gallo said. “He’s a great player, Benintende. Just playing against him, I admire the way he plays. It’s always great to have good players and come into the club. It’s part of the job and part of how it goes when you’re trying to win the world championship. So I got it and I Excited to have him on board.

“Whatever impact it can have on the other players, it doesn’t really matter at the moment. When that happens, then we will focus on that. Until then, just focus on playing the game and winning.”

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