May 21, 2024

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If your iPhone alarm goes quiet, Apple says it's working on a fix

If your iPhone alarm goes quiet, Apple says it's working on a fix

Apple says it's working to fix the issue that causes some iPhone owners' alarms to turn on silently. this According to the today Display part This morning about the issue that went viral on social media as users complained that their alarms were not waking them up. vertcast Producer Liam James told me he's been having the same problem since Friday, with an alarm clock he set “6 or 7 years ago” and hasn't touched since.

It is not clear how widespread the problem is. However, if you are going through this, it wouldn't be the worst idea to check some of your settings. The first is to make sure that the ringtone and alert volume slider is at the bottom Settings > Sound & touch It has been uploaded. It can be easy to accidentally lower your alarm volume if the 'Change using buttons' option is activated below that, so you might consider turning it off.

If that doesn't work, some on TikTok say to turn off the “Attention Aware Features” toggle at the bottom Settings > Face ID & Passcode Helps. This setting does things like let you expand notifications when your screen is locked, but it can also stop the alarm instantly if you look at your screen while it's going off. This could be a problem if you sleep with your phone facing you on a stand and have your eyes open without fully waking up. (Although the TikToker above Published later That this fix stopped working when she updated her phone and that Apple Support recommended the sound and touch fix.)

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Obviously, this isn't great for those of us who prefer the relative comfort and enjoyment of smartphone alarm clocks versus the artificial shriek of a traditional clock or the crappy speakers and interfaces of most music alarm clocks.

Apple did not respond the edgeComment requested at press time. Broken iPhone alarms are nothing new on iOS – watch this edge An article from 2015 about Apple releasing an update to fix its alarms, among other things — and it's happening on other devices, too. But it also feels like one of the most fundamental betrayals your smartphone can do.