May 28, 2024

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Incidents at Logan Airport – NBC Boston

Incidents at Logan Airport – NBC Boston

Authorities are investigating two separate incidents that occurred at Boston’s Logan International Airport on Friday.

One of the incidents is a so-called low-speed collision between a United Airlines plane bound for Newark and a Delta plane bound for Detroit.

In the video recorded by the passengers of one of the planes, you can see the United Airlines plane crashing into another parked Delta plane last night.

No injuries were reported, but one hundred twenty-eight people had to disembark from the United flight. Masport officials say it happened in an airplane parking lot near the Hyatt.

United Airlines issued the following statement: โ€œFriday evening, the wing of a United aircraft severed the tail of another aircraft at Boston Logan International Airport. Customers on the United flight landed normally at the gate, and we will rebook them on other flights.โ€

Delta also released a statement about the incident.

โ€œWhile no injuries were reported to our customers or crew on Delta Flight 1657, the aircraft came into contact with another aircraft while waiting for takeoff clearance at Logan Airport. Delta teams are working to get customers to their final destinations tonight, and we apologize. The airline said.โ€

The second incident is the arrest of Jack Jones of the Patriots for attempting to carry two handguns in his backpack.

Massachusetts State Police said that while it does not confirm employment of the people it is arresting, 25-year-old Jackie K. Jones of Arizona was taken into custody after weapons were found in his carry-on bags. The Patriots confirmed that he was their player.

“We were notified of Jack Jones’ arrest at Logan Airport earlier today,” spokeswoman Stacy James said in a statement. “We are in the process of gathering more information and will not comment further at this time.”

Jones is entering his second year at linebacker for the Patriots. Patriots mini-camp practice took place this week at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro.

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