June 16, 2024

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Incredible New York Comic-Con 2022 Cosplay Photo Gallery

Incredible New York Comic-Con 2022 Cosplay Photo Gallery
Image for the article called And Now For A is a very different kind of fancy dress gallery

We post galleries of major cosplay shows all the time, And they are always excellentbut for a recent New York Comic-Con photographer, one photographer wanted to do things a little differently.

Wanting to experience something beyond just taking beautiful photos, veteran Photographer Andrew Boyle (disclaimer: I wrote an introduction to his book) thinks that at this year’s show he will try to make the cosplay maker “The only focus’ for his work.

“After the release of the ‘Heroes & Villains’ cosplay picture book in 2017, I thought I’d calm down a little bit with the topic, but it kept pulling me; the effort, enthusiasm and sense of community among costume fans,” Boyle Kotaku told. “I shoot with a uniform style inspired by Richard Avedon’s photographs, so that the only focus is on the subject without the distraction of the background.”

I also work in assembled and motion pieces that I wanted to incorporate a unique handcrafted feel to each specific theme. For some, I used cutouts denoting the character, for others it was repeating shapes, or blocking colors with paper and textures. It was a way to stand out from other costume photography, all having their own approach, doing a different feel to celebrate all the effort and energy that the New York City crowd brings. Plus I love reading reactions that people have to see themselves portrayed this way.”

The result is this ultra-chic gallery which, by removing the usual convention background, truly lets every player’s costume, costume, and performance shine.

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