June 14, 2024

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Inside Carolyn Bessette’s heartbreaking final days with JFK Jr.

Inside Carolyn Bessette’s heartbreaking final days with JFK Jr.

Caroline was not left alone

Not everyone knew John and Caroline’s address after her death. She’s already moved several times since she met him in 1992 — from the East Village, where she first lived after moving to New York from Greenwich, Conn., in 1989, to Greenwich Village in 1993 when paparazzi began stalking her apartment, and later to her excavations. The new West Village in 1994 after they tracked it back.

Caroline moved into John’s Tribeca loft without a doorman or security at 20 North Moore in 1995.

While John and countless others assured her that her breasts would grow cold once they got married, photographers were waiting for her outside every morning. By many accounts, the coverage of their relationship — as frenetic and intrusive as it once was — got worse.

In the eyes of the media, John was always a generous public figure who would roller-skate or ride a bike around town, and romantically romanced stars like Darryl and. Madonna, and received press attention as part of his life. So, when he asked them to give his girlfriend, then wife, a break – sometimes with daggers in his eyes, another time by jumping on the bonnet of a photographer’s car – they ended up blaming Caroline for his declining tolerance.

As Beller notes, it apparently did not occur to the press that John’s anger was because he loved Caroline, who was very sad, and wanted to protect her.

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