February 26, 2024

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Investigation after mysterious people bit the people who came to the festival

Investigation after mysterious people bit the people who came to the festival

An investigation has opened in France after a mysterious bite was discovered on nine people attending one of the country’s major music festivals, Printemps de Bourges, we learned on Saturday.

According to officials, the origin of these bites is unknown. “We do not know if these are syringes or just needles,” said Agnes Bonjeen, chief of staff at the festival’s head of state (state representative). “People only felt the sting,” he added.

In addition, “there was no sexual harassment,” according to Boris Vedal, director of the festival, who reported that “reports came in from men and women of all ages.”

The victims were subjected to a blood sample to determine if they had been given the substance.

“As of 5:00 pm on Saturday, April 23, nine cases have been reported to us,” Vedel told AFP. This figure was confirmed by the province of Cher.

On Friday, four complaints were filed, and the Bourges attorney’s office opened an investigation into the “administration of harmful substances.”

Security arrangements have been strengthened for the festival, which ends on Sunday.

Incidents of such bites have recently been reported in nightclubs in several cities in France.

In Nandes (West), it was alleged that 43 facts had been brought to the attention of the police since mid-February. Attorney Renaud Gaudeul told the AFP on Friday that “no screening revealed the presence of GHB (nickname ‘rape drug’, editor’s note) or any other toxic substance”, noting that no suspect had been arrested.

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