June 6, 2023

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Is facebook dating? What is affected?

Facebook users reported that a function was down

Facebook users across the UK reported an outage on the social media platform this afternoon (May 26).

Downdetector, which tracks website outages, received reports from hundreds of users with a spike from around 12 noon.

downdetector It appears that several hundred people have reported problems, with the number expected to rise.

Although a specific issue has not yet been identified, Downdetector reports that 72% of people are having problems with the app, 21% are having problems using the website, while 7% have problems logging in.

People took to Twitter discussing that they can’t access Facebook Dating while the site is down:

  • One person tweeted: “I just woke up on my Facebook dating account. Maybe God bc I definitely haven’t been dating for a few years.”
  • In response, another said: “It looks like everyone’s profile is gone…”
  • A third added: “Why is Facebook Dating App making me create my profile again? Common.”
  • Another user wrote: “was talking to someone and was going somewhere then META said ‘no..’ and now the Facebook dating server is down for many people globally. Even if you create a new account or switch FB accounts, It won’t work. It’s probably a server issue that will be fixed soon.”

Downdetector took to Twitter to inform the public of the outage. He tweeted: “User reports indicate that Facebook has been experiencing issues since 8:16 AM EST.”