May 22, 2024

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Israel considered swift retaliatory strikes against Iran

Israel considered swift retaliatory strikes against Iran

(JERUSALEM) Israel considered launching swift strikes in Iran in response to missiles fired by Tehran over the weekend, but ultimately revised its plans, Israeli and US media reported Wednesday night into Thursday.

According to Israeli public broadcaster Khan, after discussions with US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided not to implement pre-approved plans for retaliatory strikes in the event of an attack.

ā€œDiplomatic sensibilities played a role [ā€¦] There will be a response, but it will be different from what was initially planned,ā€ a senior official told the channel on condition of anonymity.

Israeli sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the U.S. base that the War Cabinet maneuvered to give the go-ahead for strikes without issuing any order during a meeting on Monday, the second meeting since the Iranian attack. told Axios.

“We don't know why and how imminent the attack (against Iran) was,” a US official told Axios. According to the site, Israel indicated to the Biden administration on Monday that it would wait for its decision, urging restraint.

According to the American channel ABC, the Israeli government was twice considering strikes against Iran without taking action.

Photo by Ronen Svulun, Reuters

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Nevertheless, Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday reiterated his country's right to “defend itself,” defying calls from the international community to try to block Israel's response to Iran, which risks dragging the Middle East into a spiral of conflict.

The United States, a staunch ally of Israel, said it did not want “a protracted war with Iran” and would not participate in an Israeli response, but announced on Tuesday that it would impose new sanctions against Tehran.

Ditto for the EU, which decided Wednesday to target Iran with sanctions against drone and missile manufacturers to “send a clear message after the attack on Israel,” announced Council President Charles Michel.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, Iran launched more than 350 drones and missiles at Israel, all of which were destroyed before hitting the Israeli border. This was Iran's first direct attack on Israel.

Tehran said it acted in self-defense after a deadly strike against its embassy in Damascus on 1R April, he attributed to Israel.

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