June 20, 2024

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It appears that Sony is removing the 8K label from PlayStation 5 boxes

It appears that Sony is removing the 8K label from PlayStation 5 boxes

It appears that Sony has removed the 8K label from the PlayStation 5 boxes that have been clearly visible on the front since launch.

As spotted digital foundry john linnemann, The new PS5 boxes now only include 4K/120fps and HDR tags and no longer scream to the world that Sony’s latest console is capable of 8K output.

IGN has reached out to Sony for comment, but we have confirmed that for now PS5 boxes on the PS5 pages on PlayStation Direct It’s also missing the 8K mark.

Before the PlayStation 5 launched in 2020, Sony took notice “PS5 is compatible with 8K displays at launch. “After a future system software update, we will be able to deliver up to 8K resolution when content is available, with supported software.”

Since then, there has been no real support for 8K titles, except for the game known as The Touryst. Additionally, adoption of 8K TVs hasn’t quite reached the level that used to be a priority for console makers.

Sony wasn’t alone in highlighting 8K resolution in 2020, as Microsoft also noted that the Xbox Series However, Xbox head Phil Spencer warned that 8K is an “ambitious technology” and that we are “years away from 8K – if it ever becomes – becoming standard in video games.”

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For more on the PS5 and its potential for 8K output, check out our breakdown of what really needs to happen for games to move to the next resolution.

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