March 2, 2024

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It’s a raspberry – Ars Technica

It’s a raspberry – Ars Technica
Zoom in / Letters on the front, GPIO pitch on the back (classic yellow/silver battery included, but not shown).

Beepberry / Beeper / SQFMI

Some people, for whatever reason, don’t always like their messages to arrive on the same device that’s also their bank, their news source, their subway fare, and their camera. For those folks – and for those who just love a weird little computer – Eric Mijekowski has a “little side project” for you: amber.

Beepberry is an amalgamation of a backlit BlackBerry Classic keyboard (with logo button and all) and a small touchpad, a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and a 400×240 Sharp Memory LCD display – kind of Electronic paper A screen that looks like electronic paper that you usually see on software computers. It is meant to be used with files Bieberan all-in-one chat service that can also relay SMS messages, including iMessage (usually by logging into a remote Mac server; more on that In Beeper FAQ). that it Available now for pre-order for $99 If you want the Pi Zero W included and for $79 if you already have a card you’d like to integrate. You will also need an SD card.

All neat stuff accessible on my $80/$100 devkit.
Zoom in / All neat stuff accessible on my $80/$100 devkit.

Beepberry / Beeper / SQFMI

in Twitter topic, Migicowski, co-founder of Beeper and founder of the flagship Pebble smartwatch, wrote that he wanted a “weekend device” that kept him connected, but didn’t lead him to the distractions of a typical smartphone. “I imagined a tiny hackable electronic paper screen with a physical keyboard, powered by a Raspberry Pi, useful for chatting around my house…and pretty much nothing else,” Migicowski tweeted.

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But, as it was precisely emphasized in Migicovsky blog post on Beeper-This is not a retail purchase. It’s not even a Kickstarter-esque early access project. Beepberry is keyboard, Pi Zero W, display and battery, At least in one demo videofixed to the package with an elastic band.

“You have to be familiar with Linux in order to get any value from this hardware!” reads the post. ‚ÄúThere is no case (although you can 3D print!), the battery is hanging off the back, and you need that Configure/set up the program. Don’t expect anything perfect.”

Beepberry, as evidenced by SQFMI.

While the first use case may seem tight, any device based on the Raspberry Pi and open access to the hardware will see new uses emerge quickly. LTE modem and Lura Two possibilities already presented. Time will tell if Beepberry can live up to the “cyberdeck” that Beeper and SQFMI trumpet in their low-key marketing materials.

Pre-orders from SQFMI will ship in two to three months, though 50 privateer developers can Sign up for access To the first 50 units are now ready. The device ships worldwide, and you can cancel anytime before your order has been shipped. There, in particular, is the “No guarantee. It’s a hardware!”

Listing image by Beepberry / SQFMI