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It’s not the first anymore, it’s the norm

It’s not the first anymore, it’s the norm

Bianca Belair And Jade Cargill We are proud of what women have been able to accomplish in WWE recently.

Newly crowned WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill participated Backlash after press conference. When asked what it means to be a role model and show representation at the international level, Cargill said it means everything.

“It means everything,” Jade Cargill said. “I have a seven-year-old at home, and I want her to know that she can do anything and everything no matter what obstacles she faces. Here we are writing things down every day and creating historic moments like we are doing now.

“In French culture, we’re here to show and represent that no matter your skin color, no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from. You can do anything and everything if you just put your mind to it.”

Belair shared a powerful quote and pointed out that women aren’t number one in WWE anymore; This is the standard.

“To take advantage of that, representation has always been — it’s not a request, it’s a requirement,” Bianca Belair said. “To use a quote I’ve always lived by. But I think we proved tonight that representation is incredibly important for women.

“We proved tonight with our tag team title match and with Bayley and Tiffany and Naomi, the way the women showed up and showed tonight, that people want to see us, that we can have amazing matches, and the crowd here was so amazing. But I think we were in a conversation one time where it was WWE does amazing things with women, and this was the first conversation.

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The future of the women’s division in WWE is very bright

“But now we’re moving from that where it’s not the first thing anymore; this is the norm. It’s normal. This is what it’s supposed to be. This is the norm. So to be part of history, but now to be part of the conversation where the narrative changes and now you have two women.” Two female tag team champions, and we were able to do it together again, and we continue to push this narrative that we’re great and people want to see that and we represent this women’s division and our women’s division is so great and so talented.

“We have a lot of amazing women in NXT that are going to come in and do amazing things. It’s really cool to be at the forefront of that. And a lot of amazing women are coming up behind us, and there’s a lot more to come. Hopefully we can do more shows here because the crowd is amazing.”

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