June 24, 2024

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Jadefly reporter Simon Atiba presser throws the White House into chaos with a tantrum

Jadefly reporter Simon Atiba presser throws the White House into chaos with a tantrum

Simon Atepa once again held a White House press conference regarding his perceived grievances on Monday.

a Notorious fly from Claims it has been removed From the White House Correspondents’ Association, the Today News Africa correspondent had one of his own Registered as a trademark General Meltdowns – this time in front of Ted Lasso ejaculate.

With Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham, and other stars from the hit show joining White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre on stage, Atiba began berating Jean-Pierre for not getting enough of his questions.

“No, no, we don’t do this,” Biden sneered back. “We don’t do this, we don’t do this, we don’t do this!”

Undeterred, Atiba asserted that “this is not China” and “this is not Russia” before accusing Jean-Pierre of “a mockery of your profession”. Then he grumbled, “It’s been seven months” since he was last called to ask a question, all the while Ted Lasso The stars stood awkwardly in the background and Atiba’s colleagues in the press room shouted respect for “decency”.

Moments later, after the celebrity portion of the gag was completed, Atiba decided to continue. But this time, several journalists stepped in to shut it down.

One reporter let out an angry howl during Atiba’s continued tirade, while others, including Reuters correspondent Jeff Mason and columnist Brian Karem (no stranger to journalistic controversy himself), lectured Atiba about his behavior.

“You’re in the front row, you were comfortable, and you’re faced with questions all the time,” Atiba yelled at Mason. “There are people in the back who can’t find any questions!”

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Karim shot back, “Don’t make assumptions about what the rest of us do. Mind your morals when you’re here, and if you have a problem, bring it up afterward! But you touch everyone here who’s just trying to do their job!”

Jean-Pierre, who has had his fair share of encounters with Atiba, described his recent outburst as “unacceptable” while noting that Ted Lasso The cast had a short visit to discuss mental health care.

“As you all know, this is a White House briefing room, a historic room, a room where you have to have decorum, a room where people have to respect their colleagues, respect the guests who are here,” she said. “I understand there will be give and take. That’s how press briefings have gone for decades before me. And I will always respect that, but what I won’t appreciate is the lack of respect from the colleagues and the lack of respect from the guests who were here to talk about a very important issue, which is mental health.”

Earlier this month, Atiba – who has long accused Biden’s communications team of “Black list“Because of complaints from fellow White House correspondents,” said Fox News host Tucker Carlson that Jean-Pierre is trying to “shut him up” After his dismissal from the WHCA.

And moments after his final blast in the briefing room, Atipa Twitter took to announce that he would appear on The Carlson Show later that evening to talk about “how they all disrespected me.”